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The Youth Summit 2022

The Eastern Neighbourhood countries are under pressure.


And as many as 70% of young people in Denmark lack general knowledge about the region, according to a survey we conducted at the Youth Summit.


If relationships are to be built, it is important to raise awareness. Therefore, there was plenty to do during the festival, where we organised a wide range of activities with the New Democracy Fund and the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House.


We sent young people on a virtual reality trip to Georgia, mapped their travel habits in Europe and let them draw and colour Ukrainian attractions.


Young Ukrainians shared their hopes and dreams for the future of their country, turning a distant reality into a harsh reality for the young people attending the meeting.


The New Democracy Fund focused on Belarus and the conditions of political prisoners. The young people wrote solidarity letters aimed at giving hope to the prisoners. The prisoners’ personal stories were read out, giving young people an insight into a life where democratic rights are not recognised.