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ArtPower Belarus

ArtPower Belarus: Safeguarding the Belarusian Civic Space Through Culture and Arts


The programme aims to support the independent Belarusian culture and art initiatives, especially those addressing consolidating the Belarusian society inside and outside the country, increasing Belarusian culture professionals’ skills and building professional cultural networks. The programme includes various types of activities, especially focusing on supporting mechanisms for Belarusian cultural professionals.


Danish Cultural Institute is the programme’s lead partner, while the main implementing partner in the programme is the Belarusian Council for Culture (BCC).

BCC is an NGO that unites cultural actors forming the sustainable infrastructure of the free Belarusian culture. The BCC activities focus on the promotion of Belarusian culture (patronage of artists, performers, and art managers), development of new cultural projects, unification of the culture community, and promotion of Belarusian culture across the globe. The BCC also focuses on the facilitation of the civic impact on culture formation and development. ArtPower Belarus is supported by the European Commission.