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Annual Reports

Annual reports from Danish Cultural Institute

Here you can find information about the annual reports from the Danish Cultural Institute.



Download DCI’s annual yearbook 2021 (PDF)

Download DCI’s annual report 2021 (PDF)



Open an online version of DCI’s annual yearbook 2020

Download DCI’s annual yearbook 2020 (PDF)

Download DCI’s annual report 2020

(in Danish) Indsamlingsregnskab: Nødhjælpsinterventioner i Rio de Janeiro 2020




Download DCI’s annual yearbook 2019

Download DCI’s annual report 2019



Download DCI’s annual yearbook 2018

Download DCI’s annual report 2018



Download DCI’s annual Yearbook 2017



DKI Aarsberetning 2016_forside_lille


Download DCI’s annual Yearbook 2016

Download DCI’s annual Report 2016


(in Danish)

Read DCI’s annual Yearbook 2015

Download DCI’s annual Report 2015



(in Danish)


Read DCI’s annual Yearbook 2014.


About Danish Cultural Institute

We believe that the arts and culture are among Denmark’s most important assets. Together with partners, we develop international activities that push boundaries and create opportunities, which provide mutual value and inspire.


Especially when it comes to equal rights, education, sustainable development, democracy and active citizenship. Important values in the world and in Denmark.

Our vision is to show that the exchange of arts, culture and knowledge can contribute to handling the challenges of globalisation and strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals.


Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing institution. Since 1940 we have been engaged in creating mutual understanding between people.