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Guidelines for handling complaints

The complaint mechanism is activated by sending an e-mail to: complaints@danishculture.com


Complaints may be submitted in English or Danish. The complaint is received by a complaint committee which consists of the chairman of the board of DCI, the vice chairman of the board of DCI and a member of the board elected from among the employees (in Copenhagen) as well as the board’s secretary.


The complaint is received by the secretary of the complaint committee. The complaint is pre-screened to determine if it concerns a sensitive complaint (typically related to corruption, sexual exploitation or abuse or other violations of DCI’s Code of Conduct) or an operational complaint (typically related to DCI’s work, including partnerships and fair collaboration guidelines). The complaint committee will include the management of DCI in the handling of the matter, unless the management itself is part of the complaint.

Sensitive complaints

Sensitive complaints will be handled with confidentiality. The committee will discuss the complaint and ask for further information from the complainant, if needed. One or more complaint committee members will have a meeting with the person accused. The case will be evaluated by the committee and actions taken accordingly in the form of reprimands, warnings, dismissal, or expulsion depending on the harassment’s severity and duration.


If the management does not seek to stop the harassment, the management may be held jointly responsible during any subsequent legal proceedings. A police report may be filed and/or an action for damages may be brought in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Penal Code, the Salaried Employees Act and the Equal Treatment Act.

Operational complaints

Operational complaints related to employment conditions, salaries, work area or working environment survey will not be handled. Other complaints will be evaluated by the committee and action points on how to address procedures related to the complaint will be decided.


External complaints from e.g., partners will be considered an opportunity to evaluate and improve DCI’s work and the principles on Fair collaboration. In cases where the complaint committee assesses that the complaint is accurate, a response will be sent to the complainant with suggested compensative actions.

False complaints

In cases of a false complaint, deliberately lodged against another employee or partner, the complainant can face disciplinary actions (warning/dismissal/expulsion).

Anonymous complaints

Anonymous complaints are not accepted. It is, however, possible to complain anonymously via an employee at DCI who thus will know the identity of the complainant. In this way, we can examine the complaint and provide the complainant with relevant information.

Report on complaints filed in 2023

The Danish Cultural Institute’s ambition is to demonstrate transparency, trust and openness in our work. In May 2023, we established a complaints mechanism. A complaint is treated confidentially and this report only presents the number of complaints, whether any are still pending and whether a given complaint has led to a change in procedures.

During 2023, one complaint was received. The response to the complaint was justified in writing and is considered closed. The complaint has not given grounds for changed workflows or other actions.