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25 · 07 · 2018

Saxophonist Lars Møller concerts and workshop at Petro Jazz 2018

Saxophonist Lars Møller plays concerts and leads a workshop at the big Russian festival Petro Jazz 2018



The well-renowned jazz musician Lars Møller takes part in the Russian festival Petro Jazz 2018, with support from DCI. The event takes place in St. Petersburg, where he will play two concerts and lead a workshop. The first concert will let Møller join pianist Denis Kirillov and his Breadberries ensemble on stage. The second presents the audience with a real saxophone battle, as the local Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra led by Kyril Bubyakin performs with the Danish musician. Bubyakin started the orchestra in 2009, when he collected the best young jazz musicians of St. Petersburg to create a professional ensemble.


Petro Jazz 2018 is the 15th edition of the festival. It takes place July 27th-29th.


This is not the first occasion on which Lars Møller has visited Petro Jazz. In 2015 he directed the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, when they played three concerts at the big event. Part of the repertoire they performed was made up of Lars Møllers own, very well received composition ReWrite of Spring, a reimagining af Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps or Rite of SpringReWrite of Spring was released on a double album, containing both a studio version and a live performance, gaining really good reviews and many stars.


Lars Møller also participated in the recent DCI seminar Why India?


Lars Møller

For years, Lars Møller has proven himself to be an excellent musician and band leader. From 2012-2015 he was the Artistic Director of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. Now he heads his own Global Jazz Explorer Institute. Lars Møller is very actively involved in international musical and cultural exchange, having a special bond to India, which takes musical expression in several projects. One of them is Ragajazz, which brings together the musicians Kala Ramnath, Abhijit Bannerjee, Thor Madsen and Jonas Johansen, for a shared take on mixing jazz og the Indian genre of raga.


During this year’s Cultural summit on Mors, the ensemble will give a taste of their Ragajazz, and Abhijit Bannerjee and Lars Møller will participate in a conversation with the Secretary General of DCI Michael Metz Mørch about how India and Denmark can provide each other with mutual inspiration culturally.