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School of Dialogue

Dialogue on the school curriculum.

In November 2022, our colleagues from the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House organised a workshop in the Ukrainian city of Ivano Frankivsk, focusing on providing young participants with methods to practice and engage in constructive dialogues in their professional and private lives.

The workshop introduced young people to tools that they can use in their youth organisations in the future in order to take on the role of facilitator and create an open and trust-based conversation where all voices are heard. Through constructive dialogue, people across cultures and views can overcome differences or misunderstandings, build trust and promote peaceful coexistence.

About the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House

Based in Kyiv, the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House works to strengthen young people’s democratic education, active citizenship, their participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine, and to build bridges across Europe. It is a platform for young people, by young people and with young people, focusing on dialogue, cultural exchange, and youth participation. A young team of employees is responsible for the Youth House’s day-to-day operations, funding, and ongoing support of active young people and organisations in Ukraine, as well as organising courses, cultural projects, and exchange programmes that strengthen the young democracy in Ukraine and Denmark.

The youth house was established in 2020 and is run by a consortium of Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Youth Council with an annual grant of DKK 11 million from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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