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12 · 01 · 2021

Julie Arnfred Bojesen is appointed new Director of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kyiv

On February 15th Julie Arnfred Bojesen officially takes the position as director of the upcoming Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kyiv. She currently works as Head of Secretariat at The Danish Foreign Policy Society.


The Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Youth Council (DUF) has joined together to create a new Ukrainian-Danish youth house in Kyiv, Ukraine, to strengthen democratic participation amongst the Ukrainian youth, and to establish Ukrainian and Danish youth partnerships. To lead the project, Julie Arnfred Bojesen has been hired as the new director of the youth house.


Julie Arnfred Bojesen has a BSc in Political Science from Aarhus University and a MA in Communication for Development from Malmö University. Up until now, she has been Head of Secretariat at The Danish Foreign Policy Society. While there, she has been in charge of both administration and communication. She has also been one of the coordinating forces in supporting the work on creating informative and interactive activities on Danish foreign policy and international relations.


Julie Arnfred Bojesen has extensive experience with communication, project management, volunteering, and lastly – but certainly not least – initiatives for and with the youth. In addition to her employment at The Danish Foreign Policy Society, she has experience from working as the Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine rØST, which focuses on Central- and Eastern Europe. She has also been the Chairperson of the youth organisation SILBA. Throughout her career, Bojesen has been engaged with and worked in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, where she was a political intern at the Royal Danish Embassy in Kyiv.


Thus, it is with a strong, professional background that includes both professional and personal experience with Ukraine and youth work that Bojesen moves to Ukraine to create a new and vibrant youth house in Kyiv.

Julie Arnfred Bojesen, upcoming Director of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House:

“The Youth House is a project with an enormous potential to strengthen dialogue and mutual understanding – both internally in a country where the youth is passionate about participating in the political development, but also across borders, so we all can learn from each other. In terms of challenges, I see the fight against prejudices, which I unfortunately often encounter, as one of the most imperative. I am looking forward to tackling this challenge, and I am honoured to help sow the seeds of a stronger democratic culture in times of polarisation and democratic setbacks.”

Much is at Stake

Much is at stake in Ukraine. The country is the focal point of a new conflict in Europe, while at the same time undergoing extensive internal reform processes to strengthen democracy, promote human rights and create sustainable growth. The Ukrainian youth play an important part in this development. Therefore, an indispensable job awaits Bojesen in Kyiv.

Camilla Mordhorst, CEO of the Danish Cultural Institute on the employment:

“A brand new youth house in Ukraine is a big assignment. It requires entrepreneurial, diplomatic and not least leadership abilities. That is why we are very happy to have Julie Arnfred Bojesen on board. Julie has a highly qualified profile. She knows Ukraine both professionally and personally. She has experience with creating networks for and with other young people. That is why she is the right person to lead the youth house, and we look forward to the opening of the house later this year.”

Platform for Exchange and Cultural Collaborations

The Youth House is expected to open this summer, but the work has already begun. From day one, Bojesen will thus be at the forefront of creating an open and including youth house, which a wide group of both Ukrainian and Danish youths may use. The Youth House will offer a long line of activities, including youth festivals, exchange programmes, workshops, debates and many events. The ambition is to create a new and strong platform for youth exchange and new cultural collaborations between the two countries.

Chris Preuss, Chairman at Danish Youth Council on the employment:

“At DUF, we are very much looking forward to working with Julie Arnfred Bojesen to create a house in which democratic participation, involvement, and activism can be created in collaboration between the Danish and Ukrainian youth in the coming years. We know Julie well from her time in SILBA, and we know that she will bring the creative ideas and constructive solutions to the table that are needed to get a vibrant and diverse youth house established in Kyiv.”

About Julie Arnfred Bojesen

Julie Arnfred Bojesen (b. 1991) is the new Director of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kyiv, starting on February 15th of 2021. She is currently Head of Secretariat at The Danish Foreign Policy Society. Bojesen has a BSc in Political Science from Aarhus University and a MA in Communication for Development from Malmö University. For years, Bojesen has worked with projects in Central- and Eastern Europe. She is the former Chairperson for the youth association SILBA – Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy. She is also a senior fellow from the Humanity in Action summer academy in Sarajevo (2019), board member at Humanity in Action Denmark, and volunteering as Editor-in-Chief at the magazine rØST – a Danish online magazine focusing on Central- and Eastern Europe.

About the Youth House

In the summer of 2020, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted 18 million DKK to the Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Youth Council (DUF) to use for the establishment of a new Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kyiv, Ukraine. The grant is from the youth pool under the Neighbourhood Programme of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Youth House is going to strengthen the Ukrainian youth’s democratic organisation and active participation in society. It is also going to promote a long-term collaboration between the youth generations in Ukraine and in Denmark. Among the users of the house will be both established youth organisations, as well as more informal groups consisting of i.e., artists, activists and young people interested in influencing the content and purpose of the house. The Youth House will ensure that a broad section of the political spectrum is represented. It is also going to prioritise the ability of the Ukrainian youth in the regions outside Kyiv to actively participate in the creation of and the activities in the house.