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02 · 11 · 2016

Movie from C:NTACT Skulte’s Academy of Democracy

A documentary theatre performance on democracy were on the agenda at the Latvian LAMPA Conversation Festival June 2, 2016, when people met in a public forum in Cesis to discuss different aspects of the democratic society of Latvia.


Leading up to the Lampa Conversation Festival in June/July, the Danish artistic performance group C:NTACT and the Latvian NGO Palidzesim/‘We help’ organized a theatre summer school in Skulte, Latvia. Now, we can finally view the result of the summer school theatre workshops in this inspiring video, where the young participants tell about their experiences with democracy and their wishes for a good life:


Academy of Democracy


Lampa Conversation Festival

Lampa Festival promotes a democratic conversation culture on Latvia’s social, cultural, political and economic future.


The theatre summer school had the aim of promoting the understanding of democracy among young people as well as training the youngsters in observing and expressing democratic principles in everyday family and school life, in a performative way.

The participants were 10 students from various parts of Latvia and 2 Danish students, and during the fall the participants continued their tour of performances on various schools in Riga.

Lampa Conversation Festival


The summer school project was supported by Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as the, Nordic Council of Ministers, Atea Global Services and the Riga City Council.