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01 · 07 · 2016

C:NTACT Theatre: Academy of Democracy Performances at Lampa Festival in Cesis

The C:NTACT Theatre summer school is underway in Skulte, with the aim of promoting the understanding of democracy among young people and teaching them various skills to observe the democratic principles in everyday family and school life.


The participants are 10 students from various parts of Latvia and 2 Danish students. The documentary theatre involves the creation of etudes in which the main theme is analyzed through a variety of theatre and other forms of artistic expression – stories, songs, dance.


The summer school will result in 10 performances no the “DOTS” stage at the festival Lampa in Cesis, July 2 at 10 AM. The audience will be invited to a discussion about the ways, we experience democracy in day to day life. After each performance there will be a Q&A, in which the audience will be able to communicate with the young actors and fellow viewers.


The project is co-organized by Palidzesim.lvC:NTACT, Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers Ziemeļvalstu Birojs LatvijāAtea Global Services and the Riga City Council.


About LAMPA Conversation Festival

The LAMPA conversation festival invites people to engage in conversations that lead to understanding. To diversity and its acceptance. To equality – where every opinion has the right to exist and be heard. To a desire to find out more and to take pleasure in doing so.


The LAMPA conversation festival celebrates democratic culture and provides an open, engaging and joyful environment for vigorous and enthralling conversations for everyone who cares about Latvia and the world.