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02 · 11 · 2017

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and “Tété” in Latvia and Lithuania

The Danish bass player Kenneth Dahl Knudsen has formed the band Tété. Now they play in Latvia and Lithuania

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and his band Tété are playing concerts in Pashkevich Jazzclub, Riga, November 3rd and in Jazzcellar 11, Vilnius November 4th.


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen says about Tété:

“When I was very little, before I could speak… I somehow managed to give myself a name. A word that I would call out every time I was in need of something. My mom still named me by that name until the day she died…… Tété. It has a joyful ring to it, and I see before me a boy that grew up in a safe, loving place…. With this project i’m trying to find my way back there.


I have written so much sad music the last couple of years, maybe because I’m maturing, but also because my mom was sick. On her deathbed she told me that it was very important, that I live my life to its fullest. That I remember to have some fun.


With that in my mind, and with the childish ringing sound of my callname, I decided to put together a band that can do just that…. they can make me have fun. With the rhythmic influences of Africa, and Latin America… the expressiveness of the Jewish folk songs and the harmonic elements of our European tradition, I now have a band that can go anywhere in the music that I want it to…. and hopefully….It can lead me back to Tété.”


The band consists of:

Uri Gurvich – Israel – Saxophone
Brian Massaka – Congo/Poland – Guitar
Gauthier Toux – France – Piano
Rodolfo Zuniga – Costa Rica – Drums
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – Denmark – Bass