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13 · 11 · 2017

Danish Week in Poznań: Architectural Workshops for Children in Concordia Design

Danish architects carries out workshops with children during Danish Week in Poznań

Towering constructions and architecture inspired by nature will be the themes of two architectural workshops for children and youth led by two Danish architects and authors, Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour Wiese. Among others, Jørn Utzon’s methods and projects will serve as model and starting point in the creative work with the young Poles, which will be held at the creativity center Concordia Design in Poznań.


Both architects are engaged in a Copenhagen based co-lab My Little Architect, working with architecture for children, where they use architecture as a work method to inspire and strengthen children’s creative and innovative ways of thinking. Besides, they are co-authors of two books about architecture for children, Build, draw & learn with world-famous architects and Utzon’s Universe. Their engagement in the Poznan-project will bring the methods used in Denmark in education on architecture and city development closer, but will also serve as a source of mutual inspiration and exchange of experiences.


The workshops will form part of the Danish Week in Concordia Design Center under its logo “Dania do Poznania” (Denmark to Poznan), when the inhabitants will have the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the most common notions associated with Denmark. During the week, one will be able to learn about Danish architecture, handicrafts, the Danish kitchen, the bicycle culture, and more. All held in the nicely revitalized old printing house, with development of creativity in focus.


Danish Cultural Institute is partner of the project.
The project has been supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Architectural workshops by My Little Architect

November 18th 2017 (Danish Week in Poznań November 13th-19th)

Concordia Design

Poznań, ul. Zwierzyniecka 3


All photos: Jens Hemmel


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