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Politics of Nature – climate awareness through gaming

Due to Brazil´s global importance to the climate as the world´s most biodiverse and fifth largest country, there is an urgent need to strengthen agency and engagement in the climate cause and environmental issues among Brazilian youth.


Danish Cultural Institute has for several years been developing a digital version of the game ‘Politics of Nature’ in a large collaboration including Brazilian youth climate movements, game developers, institutions, NGOs, students, municipalities, and specialists.


The mobile game “PoN! – A Ilha dos Tatus” proposes to engage and connect Brazilian youth across social borders for the climate and sustainability cause – as well as to connect Brazilian and European youth when an English version is launched in the future.


“PoN! – A Ilha dos Tatus” is inspired by Jacob Raffn´s and Frederik Lassen´s boardgame based on French philosopher Bruno Latour´s book “Politics of Nature”.


You can download a Brazilian version of the game here