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28 · 04 · 2020

DANISH CORONA AID – Rio de Janeiro

The Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil is a part of the initiative “DANISH CORONA AID – Rio de Janeiro”, where a group of Danish immigrants in Rio de Janeiro has joined forces with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Rio and Danes World Wide/Rio in a coordinated effort to help people that are hit hard by the effects of the Corona pandemic.


Rio´s vulnerable areas known as favelas are zones of exceptionally high risk, where many family members often share one small space in a dense urban structure, which makes it difficult to maintain distance. Irregular water supply, poverty, unemployment and poor government support, it all increases the risk of uncontrollable virus spreading, with tragic consequences.

By supporting three local cultural and social projects we can help limit the spread and save lives and thereby make a difference here and now, as well as in a long-term sustainable perspective.


At H.M. The Queen’s 80th birthday Danish Corona Aid in Rio de Janeiro received the first contribution from a group of private donors in Rio de Janeiro, and the first phase of the project is thus underway: two disinfection machines have been bought and donated to the NGO Responsa, who lends them to the favelas in Complexo São Carlos. This reduces the risk of bringing the infection home from the narrow streets, and at the same time it strengthens the network in the citizen-involving urban development project Vida Local Rio.


You can help by supporting two projects:

Solidarity Kitchens

Solidarity Kitchens is the NGO Gastromotiva’s new format. The purpose is to provide food and jobs to vulnerable Brazilians in precarious urban areas. People who have lost their income due to the corona crisis receive free nutritious meals made from surplus foods with a no-waste approach.

The project combines a number of important socio-economic, cultural and environmental initiatives in an emergency action with broad perspectives. The chefs are primarily Gastromotiva students, duly trained in gastronomy, hygiene and disease prevention. They use their own kitchens to prepare meals in the local area. The project promotes a social entrepreneurial network, supports the chefs, provides jobs for local youth and food for those who need it most.


For the amount of DKK 15,000 a Solidarity Kitchen can serve 1600 meals over one month.

The project can easily be scaled up.


Water tanks and sinks

In the Morro de Previdência favela, there is only tap water every other day, and for many residents it is a challenge to get soap. That makes it difficult to maintain the important hand hygiene. The NGO Casa Amarela sets up water tanks and sinks in the streets of the favela, and the Naturalê project produces liquid multipurpose soap from recycled cooking oil. This ensures the important hygiene, strengthens the circular economy and saves the environment from household cooking oil pollution.


For the amount of DKK 15.000 ten water tanks and fifty sinks can be installed and 2.000 liters of soap can be produced.

The project can easily be scaled up.

How can I donate?

Support the projects. Even a small amount can make a difference.


Support from Denmark 
Click here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PE5T57HJHRJL4&source=url


Support from Brazil

Transfer your contribution to:
Instituto Cultural da Dinamarca, CNPJ 09.334.550/0001-11, Banco Santander, Ag 2079, CC 13000753-5