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21 · 05 · 2019

Urban Planning Discussion – Warsaw and Aarhus

Warsaw and Aarhus – discussion on urban planning with city architects Stephen Willacy and Marlena Happach



„First Life, then Spaces, then Buildings—the other way round never works”, says renowned Danish architect and urban planner, Jan Gehl. Denmark seems to have invented a recipe for turning cities into better, high-quality places to live. Is it just a result of good PR — “hygge urbanism”, as some critics call it in reference to another Danish flagship product — or there are in fact some strategies that are worth to be implemented at different latitudes?


At ZODIAK in Warsaw, Stephen Willacy, City Architect of Aarhus, and Marlena Happach, City Architect of Warsaw, will analyze how the Danish cities use architecture and urban planning to deal with current and future social and environmental issues, discuss the promises and dangers that come with the concept of “livable cities”, and see whether in fact everybody should live the Danish way.


Aleksandra Kędziorek



Warsaw and Aarhus – Discussion with Stephen Willacy and Marlena Happach

When: May 25th, at 18:00

Where: ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture

Pasaż Stefana Wiechecki „Wiecha” 4, Warsaw


The discussion is part of the program connected to the exhibition Future Living

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