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08 · 05 · 2016

Theater Exchange Between Denmark and the Netherlands

In the Netherlands and in Flanders they have a long tradition for theater where children and young people perform on stage. Children and young people are receiving theater lessons with a high professional level in their spare time and the young actors typically create one or two performances a year and frequently tour.


On 11 March, DKI in Brussels visited Rotterdam to participate in the launch of a network that embraces all stakeholders in the area and supports academic collaboration and exchange.


Although Denmark has a stronger tradition children’s theater – especially with children accompanying adult professional actors, there has also always been initiatives in the neatherlands and Flanders to also get children on stage. DATS – the National Association for dramatic business is currently providing the necessary network in the area to strengthen and inspire the professional level – and here the very active Dutch and Belgian scene serve as inspiration.


Initially DKI in Brussels in cooperation with DATS made possible for a young Danish theater group to go to children’s and youth theater festival ‘Havenwerk’ in Deventer in Holland in late May. We hope this will be the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding exchange.