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02 · 07 · 2017

Polish Danish Jazz Days at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Polish Danish Jazz Days during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017 will celebrate ten years anniversary of a beautiful musical friendship between Polish and Scandinavian young artists. You will enjoy live concerts, film projection, artist discussion and much more.


The Unusual Friendship

The history of the cooperations between young Polish and Danish musicians began about ten years ago, with a group of three artists, who decided to pursue their music education in Denmark. 
Through their studies at Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, Tomasz Licak, Bartłomiej Wawryniuk and Marek Kądziela initiated a new opening in Polish-Danish cooperation within the realm of improvised music.

Ensembles drawing inspiration from the amalgam of Slavic, and Scandinavian cultures succeeded on the European music market thus initiating a large “wave” of young artists wishing to follow the same direction in art. 


As a result of these events, young Polish musicians applied for studying at Danish Conservatories, starting from Esbjerg, through Odense to Copenhagen’s Rhythmic Music Conservatory. This has been a major factor in establishing of a very specific combination of cultures, musical inspirations and long-lasting friendships in these artistic worlds. Many young Danish jazz musicians followed these inspiring international cooperations and got the opportunity to play concerts in Poland.


After 10 years of fruitful friendship the Polish and Danish artists would like to show the significance of this friendship through the concerts of succesful Polish-Danish bands as well as other interesting events. Initiators of the celebration are the four Polish musicians, living in Denmark: Tomasz Licak, Tomasz Dabrowski, Maciej Kadziela og Radek Wosko.



Film Screening and Concert

Tuesday, July 11 – Husets Biograf, Huset KBH


17:00 A Danish movie ‘Mennesker mødes og sød musik opstår i hjertet’ with music by film composer Krzysztof Komeda, who has written the scores for several movies, among others for the movies of Roman Polanski.


19:00 Panel discussion on Danish-Polish collaboration in Husets Biograf Café led by Tomasz Licak


20:00 Polish Danish Jazz Days Ensemble feat. live VJ Sven Dam Meinild



Tom Trio: Tomasz Dąbrowski, Nils Bo Davidsen and Anders Mogensen

Concert in Koncertkirken, Monday 10 July, 2017


In Koncertkirken you will be able to enjoy four well known jazz bands: TOM Trio, KRAN, Radek Woskos Atlantic Quartet og Maciej Kadzielas Taste of the World


At 16:00:  Tom Trio

At 18:00: 18 K.R.A.N.

At 20:00: Radek Wosko Atlantic Quartet

At 22:00: The Taste of the World



Arthur Tuznik,

Other Concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival  with Danish-Polish ensembles


Studenterhuset, 7 July, 2017 at 13:00



Koncertkirken, 7 July, 2017, at 16:00
Tomo Jacobson/Taus Bregnhøj Duo


Koncertkirken 7 July, 2017, at 17:00



Studenterhuset, 8 July, 2017, at 13:00

Artur Tuznik Polish Vibes


Studenterhuset, 11 July, 2017, at 13:00

Artur Tuznik Trio