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09 · 07 · 2018

Nordic Council of Ministers Supports Cooperation With Northwest Russia

The Nordic Council of Ministers supports 27 strong Baltic Sea Region and Nordic-Northwest Russian cooperation projects



This Spring the Nordic Council of Ministers granted support for 27 projects in 2018-2019, intended to strengthen Baltic Sea Region and Nordic-Northwest Russian cooperation. The Danish Cultural Institute received support for continuation of the Waterfront project, of which the next phase is scheduled for October 2018.


Waterfront Urban Forum will take place in St. Petersburg from October 4th-7th. The forum aims at adopting a broad dialogue on “ecology of big cities” focusing on urban development, community & neighbourhood involvement in creation of environmentally friendly public spaces & private living areas. It also addresses the issue of preserving cultural heritage while adjusting to the needs of modern urban development.


The Forum is designed to develop themes raised in 2017 during the “Waterfront” discussion & exhibition in St. Petersburg, with the participation of all relevant Nordic & Russian stakeholders (governmental sector, private sector, community organizations and regional universities) on the role of re-development of urban industrial areas.


Look here for a list of all the 27 projects receiving grants from the Nordic Council of Ministers, with a short description of each project.



Waterfront Urban Forum is organised in cooperation with the Consulates General of Sweden, Finland and Norway in St. Petersburg, the Committee for External Relations & Street Art Research Institute within the frames of the “Nordic Weeks” festival with financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers



Photos: Magnus Fröderberg, Johannes Jansson/norden.org