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01 · 11 · 2017

Moussa Diallo Trio closes guitar session in Latvia

Six day guitar session ends with concerts from the participants and Moussa Diallo Trio


Friday the 27th marked the end of a six-day guitar session in the Latvian city Madona. It was marked by a number of concerts from the participants and the Danish band Moussa Diallo Trio. The trio consists of Moussa Diallo on song and bass, Mikkel Nordsø on guitar and Claus Menzer on drums. They mix traditional African music with funk and rock in a unique fusion sound that excited the young students and the other spectators at the event. After Moussa Diallo’s concert all the students gave a concert together with the trio, were they played a traditional Latvian song and one of Moussa’s songs.


Moussa Diallo has been part of the Danish music scene since the 70’s. He has played with some of the biggest names on the scene, like Anne Linnet, Sanne Salomonsen, Caroline Henderson and Annisette Koppel. He has helped develop Danish pop, rock and funk, and his mark is also clear in the field of jazz fusion. The respect given to him from his fellow musicians is both due to his talent and his genuine warmth.


Check out the guitar session

Check out Moussa Diallo


The days leading up to the wonderful final concerts were filled with learning and jamming. Both the Danish as well as many local musicians helped the young students. The atmosphere was filled with creative friendliness as bonds were created over a common love for music and performing, as the sounds of a multitude of young artists filled the hallways of the Praulinas Skola.