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26 · 09 · 2017

Big performances in Brasília, by the Danish artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, are now possible to experience on video

When the two performances Unfolding Seeds and Vestígios were performed in the capital of Brasil, it was captured on film, in two videos produced by the Danish Cultural Institute. This July the release of the two resulting short films was marked by a debate arranged in coalition with their first showing



Performance videos and debate

This march a big art project in Brasil, conceptualized by the Danish performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, had its culmination. During a residency in the capital Brasília she has worked with students from three Brazilian university (IFB, IFG og UnB) and one Norwegian university (UiB), local artists and representatives of different demographic groups in the area. The European Delegation, Memorial dos Povos Indígenas (the Memorial for Indigenous Peoples), Alliance Français in Brasil, and the SESC DF organization also collaborated. The participants created and carried out two performances, Unfolding Seeds and Vestígios (traces). Both were large cooperations with respectively 50 and 100 participants, that fused with the architecture, which has considerable contributions by the architect Oscar Niemeyer (BR). Each had their own expression and underlying ideas.


The participation of the students made it possible to let the performances be a part in active research and development of international ties in the research environment.


The two performances were filmed, and on July 6. the resulting two short films had their premiere. The production was carried out by the Danish Cultural Institute. In connection with the showing a debate was held led by the project coordinator Deborah Dodd Macedo (BR), concerningthe role of art and culture in the development of cities and which specific traits that draw a project like this to Brasília.



Unfolding Seeds
The ”small” performance, Unfolding Seeds, is a dynamic dance of blue pieces of cloth in different shades, clinging to the free flowing bodies of the performers. Heaven and city are brought together by the movement on the ground. Unfolding Seeds took place in front of the National Museum in Brasília where the smooth lines of the architecture provided a fitting backdrop for the dance.



Contrary to Unfolding Seeds Vestígios is a more tightly choreographed experience. In Cuenca Rasmussens own words it is like “synchronized swimming on the ground”. By moving in pre-planned patterns, with white soil on their feet, the participants create a sign together on the grass they walk on. In that way the performance is about planting one’s footprint – in a very concrete way. The theme of communication, signaling, is also tied to the place of the performance, Brasílias TV-tower.



The project came about as part of DançaDK a program lead by the Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil. The purpose of DançaDK is to promote exchange between Danish and Brazilian performance artists. Dancers and choreographers, and has been developed with Deborah Dodd Macedo, dancer and teacher at the university; as mentioned, she was also in charge of coordinating Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussens residency and the following activities. The core values of DançaDK is democracy, participation and dialogue, and in accordance with these focus is put on social inclusion, Arts Education and challenging the borders between art and education.



Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
The performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen graduated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. Since then she has received much recognition, in part by receiving grants and the Eckersberg Medal of Honor in 2008. She focuses on identity, gender and culture, and wishes to give criticism in a humorous way. She has worked in many different countries and teaches at the Faculty of Art. At the University in Bergen.