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04 · 06 · 2018

Jan Gehl Book Presentation in Riga

Jan Gehl book presentation of Cities for People in Latvian



For more than forty years Jan Gehl has helped to transform urban environments around the world based on his research into the ways people actually use—or could use—the spaces where they live and work. In his revolutionary book Cities for People, Gehl presents his latest work creating (or recreating) cityscapes on a human scale. He clearly explains the methods and tools he uses to reconfigure unworkable cityscapes into the landscapes he believes they should be: cities for people.


We are happy to announce that Cities for People has been translated into Latvian by Inga Mežaraupe thanks to Jāņa Rozes apgāds, Statens Kunstfond and Realdania. The presentation of the book happened on May 31st in the concert hall Godvil, Riga. Jan Gehl was present during the presentation so people had the chance to get the author’s signature on their book!


Jan Gehl was also one of the key speakers at the recent Mad City conference and hackathon with his lecture “Money and the city”. Besides having the chance to listen to the world-known architect and urbanist the audience could experience other professionals in the field like Charles Marohn (USA), Alexander Stahle (SE), Greg Lindsay (USA) and many more. Participants in urban hackathon had the possibility to walk away with a 10,000 EUR prize!