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03 · 10 · 2017

Debates in connection with ”A Modern Royal Household”

In connection with the exhibition ”A Modern Royal Household”, which depicts the results of the restoration of Frederik VIII’s Palace in Copenhagen, the Danish Cultural Center in Beijing hosts four debates about the protection of cultural heritage and renewal of public spaces.



Danish Cultural Center in Beijing recently opened the exhibition ”A Modern Royal Household”, which shows the transformation of one part of the castle Amalienborg, the home of the Danish royal family. The restoration took place from 2004 to 2010. In that period several prominent artists, Olafur Eliasson, Tal R and John Kørner to name a few, brought the interior of Frederik VIII’s Palace into the 21st century. The bold renegotiation of the inner space of the palace invites to discussions of the relationship between new and old, both in architecture and in fields such as art and culture.



To explore the full potential of the exhibition, Danish Cultural Center will host four debates concerning the interplay between protection of the old and introduction of new forms of expression, design and architecture. The debates are divided into 4 sub-themes, each presented by expert guests in the field.

The goal is to inspire both academics, practicians and people that doesn’t work within the field, to consider questions of protection and renewal of public spaces, and urban planning in general. The speakers at the first debate are Wang Minying, Zhao Peng and Yin Lina, who have all worked with different aspects of cultural heritage protection, and with the Forbidden City in particular.



The events are:

10/7, Protection and restoration of traditional architecture in China

10/14, Cultural heritage and contemporary art

10/21, Renovation of industrial heritage

10/28, Protection of historic areas in urban development

All debates take place at the Danish Cultural Center in Beijing.


Photos: Roberto Fortuna and Torben Eskerod

A Modern Royal Household Opening on the 24th of September