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28 · 12 · 2018

Danish Dramatists visited Beijing

Danish Dramatists presented their work in Beijing


In November Danish Cultural Center in China was presenting a group of Danish dramatists and instructors, who were visiting Beijing for a reading of their pieces at the Ju Yin Theatre, – which is a smaller stage of Beijing People’s Art Theatre.


The readings were part of Beijing Fringe Festival and arranged by Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening together with Teater Grob in a collaboration with the festival.

The purpose of the reading event at DCC was to provide an insight into what is currently affecting the performing arts area, as well as to introduce Danish theater producers’ views on the artistic dialogue between Danish and Chinese performing arts. The event was moderated by Jun Feng / Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening.

Dramatist and author Astrid Saalbach was telling about her piece Kaldet/The Call and about her work in general in  a conversation with dramaturg Lene Skytt Rasmussen.

Poet, dramatist, author Peter-Clement Woetmann was telling about his piece Den sidste bølge/The Last Wave (Aarhus Teater 2017) and about his other writings in a conversation between Woetmann and Director Johan Sarauw.

Find pictures from the readings at Johan Sarauw’s homepage.


“Danish drama” is a collaborative project between Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening and Teater Grob. Participation is supported by the Danish Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst, Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Litteratur, S.C. Van Foundation and Danish Dramatists.