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08 · 08 · 2017

Danish Cultural Center in Beijing: Sharing Experiences

Danish Cultural Center hosted the Group of Cultural Exchange from the Chinese Ministry of Culture. The event gave the participants an opportunity to learn from the experiences Danish Cultural Center has made in China.

The participants were welcomed by Eric Messerschmidt, Director of Danish Cultural Center in Beijing, who gave a presentation on the outset of the center, its core values as well as the different exhibitions and events which the center has been involved in since its opening.


Following the presentation the floor was open for questions from the audience, and Messerschmidt was asked which events and projects have made the biggest impressions on him: “First of all it must be the Danish children’s theater’s tour in China. This project started from scratch, but following almost 10 years of hard work we have succeeded in building an almost flawless bridge for communication between the children’s theater and China’s theater scene.“


Secondly, Messerschmidt pointed to exhibitions such as ‘Sexual Education – A Matter of Public Health and Concern’ and ‘Dads’ which operate within the field of the public, the family and education as achievements which the center is very content with:

“With these exhibitions we present the Danish perspective on the matter and offer the Chinese visitors a new way of thinking about the issues presented.”

During the visit participants also met with the Center’s Chinese employees Ling Meng and Zhang Tong, who shared with them their areas of responsibilities, the contents of their work, and the division of labor during events and exhibitions. As many of the participants were to take on positions in Chinese cultural centers abroad, this helped prepare the coming cultural employees for their future roles.


After the visit was successfully concluded, the participants looked forward to go out into the world and strengthen the understanding of the characteristics of Chinese culture and values.



Photos: Danish Cultural Center.