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24 · 10 · 2017

Danish-Russian Choral Collaboration Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund

On october 28 and 29 The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir performs with Glinka College Choir in St. Petersburg


The Concert in St. Petersburg is part of a bigger cooperation on strengthening danish-russian boys’ choirs in the Baltic Sea Region, which has been established by the two choirs in collaboration with Danish Cultural Institute in Russia, Choirs in Finland and Sweden. The project is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.

The first concert is held at the State Academic Capella with all of the Glinka choir, the second one takes place at St. Isaac’s Cathedral with the vocal ensemble Tendrils of the Glinka College Choir.

Both stages are in St. Petersburg. The Glinca Choir College is Russia’s oldest school for professional musicians. Its roots go all the way back to the 15. century, but systematic education began in 1856 first for singers and then for musicians a bit later. The current name of the institution is in honor of the composer Mikhail Glinka, who can be regarded as the father of Russian classical music.

The concert program holds such names as Carl Nielsen, Niels W. Gade and newer composers like Vagn Holmboe.

The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir

The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir was founded in 1924. The idea of a new boys’ choir originally came from one of the owners of Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Asger Wilhelm Hansen. The composer Mogens Wöldike became involved from the start and embodied the choir in the early years. In 1929 a learning facility was attached to the choir, and an important institution in Danish music was born, Sankt Annæ, that has both a public school and a high school division today, and is known for its high standards in music education. The current leader of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir is Ebbe Munk, who took the baton in 1991. Under his supervision the choir has performed across the world and has received much recognition as well as multiple prizes.

Read more about the concerts and the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir here og here.


The concerts in St. Petersburg is financed by the Nordic Culture Fund.

Concert at St. Petersburg State Capella