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What we are doing


Cooperative projects

Alongside our Danish and International partners our institutes abroad develop around 900 cultural and societal events and projects a year. For each of our projects it is essential that the necessary fundraising is a collaborative effort. Danish Cultural Institute does not give funding to non-partners’ projects.

We always focus on providing an artist fee in our projects, but it is depending on the necessary funding.


Our focus on long-term cooperation in regions and countries gives our institutes a deep knowledge about the cultures and personalities of their regions, both in the cultural sector, with social and educational institutions, authorities and NGOs.


Every year we are happy to receive requests from many different Danish cultural actors, and we give advice on how their idea for a project can become successful in cooperation with local partners and provide mutual inspiration. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to advise all of them.


Danish courses

The head office in Copenhagen organizes every summer a 3 week Danish course for foreign students in collaboration with KVUC. The Institutes in Poland and Brasil also offers Danish courses at different levels. Read more here.

Study tours

Danish Cultural Institute organizes study tours and shorter programs for Danish municipalities and organisations, that wish to look towards other countries for new insights and inspiration. Through our strong global network we offer programs and exchanges of a high quality. Read more here (in Danish only).


Lectures and visiting programs

Danish Cultural Institute offers lectures on culture and society in the countries where we have local branches. We also organize shorter visiting programs for groups of people.  If you are interested in a lecture or visiting program by Danish Cultural Institute, you are welcome to contact our institutes for further information and prices.


Concert tours

Danish Cultural Institute organizes concert tours for music schools, choirs and  orchestras. Read more here (in Danish only).


Artist, musicians, writers and scientists have the possibility to apply for a artist-in-residence in the Gargarin apartment located in the center of St. Petersburg. Danish Cultural Institute in Russia administers the stay. We also facilitate information about residency opportunities in the other countries  of our institutes. Read more here (in Danish only).


Danish Cultural Center in Beijing

Danish Cultural Center in 798 Arts District in Beijing opened in 2005 and is  Denmark’s official platform for the exchange of culture and art in China. The area ‘798’ has every year about 8 mio. visitors.


If If you are interested in hosting an event at Danish Cultural Center in 798 Arts District in Beijing or would like more information about the Center, feel free to contact us at center@danishculture.cn


Read more here.