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Danish Cultural Institute works within the field of art, culture and society. Learn more about our long-term projects and worldwide collaborations.

THEME | 2019

Women Hold Up Half the Sky

In 2019, Danish Cultural Center in Beijing focuses on women. Under the title Women Hold Up Half the Sky various activities unfold problems, potential and power.

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THEME | 2018

Danish Comics

A lot is happening on the comics scene in Denmark today. The genre has gone from a niche phenomenon to a recognized literary and graphic art form.

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THEME | 2018

Polish-Danish jazz cooperation

The compelling story of an unexpected wave of collaborations between Danish and Polish jazz musicians.

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THEME | 2017

Folmer Wisti

What drove Folmer Wisti to devote his entire life furthering the cause of cultural exchange between Denmark and other countries?

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THEME | 2016


Founder of Habeetats André Amtoft visited Upsala Park in St. Petersburg for a talk about sustainability and the life of solitary bees.

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