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Study Tours

Danish Cultural Institute arrange visting programs and study tours for organisations, institutions and artistic ensembles, that wish to look towards other countries for new insights and inspiration.


We offer to arrange visiting programs abroad and in Denmark for groups and individuals with specific professional interests in subjects


How We Work

A typical study tour will consist of visits to relevant organizations and counterparts, where local experts will share their experiences and methods. You may be taken on guided tours to “sister” organizations and meet “colleagues” here; you may see how they work and which professional tools they employ. You may meet politicians and decision-makers to hear about their visions and find out how the same visions work from the people “on the ground”. The knowledge is there to be shared and all visits will be targeted according to your specific interests and preferences. 
The tour can also include workshops and cultural visits.
50 Years of Experience
DCI has more than 50 years of experience with organizing study tours, and we have a large network of contacts within many areas of society. These enable us to arrange successful and specific study tours, which are all planned individually and in close co-operation with each group or individual. In addition, we aim for the tours to create long-term contacts for the participants.



Costs will depend on group size and format of the tour. Individual offers will be given for each tour.



Please contact us for further information:

Project Consultant Jesper Boysen: jb@danishculture.com

Project Coordinator Merete Agger: ma@danishculture.com