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Strategic Themes

5 Strategic Themes


Across all our projects in the period from 2013-16, the focus of DCI has been on five strategic themes.:

  • Arts Education
  • Children and Youth
  • Sustainability
  • Welfare (dialogue and democracy)
  • Science
  • Co-creation – as a way of working together on projects


DCI Themes 2016 Diagram_EN


The diagram shows an estimate on, how we covered these 5 strategic themes in 2016. Most of our activities cover though more than a single theme, and the diagram does therefore not provide a total spread of our activities.


In just about 70% of DCI’s activities cover cultural projects with a crossover effect on societal issues and has a cross-pollinating effect. The remaining 30% of our activities embrace helping Danish artists to get to act internationally, creative highly qualified artistic co-operations, consulting, lectures, network and media collaboration etc.